Also called an elliptical trainer, the cross trainer is a stationary exercise machine meant to mimic some exercises suitable for the joints while ensuring users a safer exercising experience. As it is one of the best gym equipment available in the market, most people enjoy burning their calories with it.

However, users may feel burned out in doing the same routines with it as other exercising equipment. Therefore, adding a few changes to the exercise plan should make exercising on a cross-trainer worthwhile. But what can users do to boost their usual routines? Here are some ideas.

1. Add Intervals

One of the best ways to make working out on the cross trainer more enjoyable is to add intervals to the usual workout. It is a workout approach applicable to other exercising equipment like a treadmill or elliptical. For a routine interval workout, users should increase the resistance level of the cross trainer and then perform the exercise for one to two minutes at the highest intensity.

Afterwards, the cross trainer should be reduced to the lowest resistance level, and the exercise should be performed for one to two minutes at the lightest intensity. After that, the cross trainer should be increased to the highest resistance level, and the exercise should be performed for another two minutes.

2. Work the Core

Engaging the body's core while working out is usually a good strategy for safer exercises. However, it is not easy to do the core exercises while sitting on the cross-trainer. A trick to do it is to rotate the seat while sitting on the cross-trainer.

The core consists of the gut, chest, neck, shoulders, and buttocks. For a workout that works the body, users should stand with the hands holding the handles and the legs kept at a distance of about 12 to 18 inches apart. They should then bend at the hips so that their abdomens and buttocks touch the cross-trainer. Next, they should extend their legs behind them by pushing their cores down to the cross-trainer.

3. Focus on Upper Body Toning

Stretching the upper body muscles is a unique way to work out on the cross-trainer. It is a piece of exercise equipment that allows users to sit while doing the exercises. They can take advantage of their flexibility to get the upper body toning workout.

For example, users can place their hands on their heads, keeping them extended. They should keep the shoulders low and push the legs back to the cross-trainer. A push-up position then follows it with a dumbbell.

4. Incorporate Backward Pedals

Another workout that can be done on the cross trainer is to have users pedal backwards while the cross trainer is in the forward position. As it is not common, most people may feel it is strange. However, it is a good workout that should be done.

Users should place the cross trainer in the forward position, rest on the back, and pedal with the legs, keeping them bent to do the backward pedal. Meanwhile, users can hold a dumbbell in each hand, pedalling backwards to add more resistance.

5. Increase the Resistance

It is common to burn more calories and fat in doing quick workouts for fast results. While the cross trainer is not a portable machine, it is possible to add interval sets.


Working out on a cross-trainer can be a challenge. Therefore, a few extra efforts can keep the routine interesting. These exercises should be incorporated into the plan to diversify the usual workout patterns. However, the cross trainer can present some challenges to new users unfamiliar with it. But with a bit of practice, using the equipment becomes a fun and enjoyable activity. offers the best gym equipment in the UK. We carry high-quality items every fitness enthusiast can use while exercising, from men's sportswear to women's sportswear. Check out our streetwear collection and head to the nearest gym right away.