CrossFit Games Kit

The 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games finished the last weekend of July with history being made. A new men’s champ in the form of Justin Medieros, who became the youngest ever champion at the tender age of 22. The lady’s competition was fought and won for the 5th consecutive time by Tia-Clair Toomey. They are now considered the fittest man and woman on the planet. Congratulations!

CrossFit has become a major event in recent years and there are thousands of CrossFit affiliate gyms around the world. Although some of these athletes are leading their field in terms of strength and fitness, CrossFit is considered a very inclusive sport welcoming anyone from seasoned athletes to beginners to join local clubs. CrossFit is considered a lifestyle and a means to accomplish many different goals. Their workouts can be done by any fitness level and are totally scalable as fitness levels improve. CrossFit is a true community and support network.

CrossFit style workouts can be done even with minimal equipment although many CrossFitters train in dedicated gyms and own some of their own kit. Some of the basic kit to get started are resistance bands which are versatile and have many uses.

A selection of bands with different resistance is a great addition to your training kit.