Using recommendations from readers, experts, and Greatist staffers, we found the top 25 accounts (though there were plenty of others we love that couldn’t fit here!) to give that extra push you need to reach your fitness goals. Start with them, and you’ll be sure to discover many more fit-minded folks as you fall down the Instagram rabbit hole (don’t say we didn’t warn you). Ready, set, start scrolling!

For Daily Inspiration

If you’re a city-dweller like us, you know how easily several days can pass by without seeing so much as a tree. Fortunately, the North Face provides a cure for too much concrete with these awe-inspiring shots of Mother Nature. The activewear brand also features some of the world’s most daring climbers, hikers, skiiers, and other athletes who share peeks into their intense training regimens.

Even if you think you have two left feet, following this stunning ballerina will encourage you to tap into your inner dancer. Her athletic body and elegant performances are so mesmerizing, you may suddenly find yourself hitting up a barre class instead of the weight room.

Who better to inspire you to “just do it” than the company who invented the catchphrase? While we dig the original Nike account, this running-specific page truly inspires us to hit the track, trail, or road with stunning shots of people pounding the pavement all over the globe (in awesome kicks). Case in point: this recent post captioned, “Save gas. Go by foot.”

“Unapologetically strong” is this badass trainer’s motto, and her Instagram is full of evidence that her no-nonsense approach to strength training seriously pays off. But don’t let Sinkler’s impressive muscles fool you—the writer and former rugby player’s sweet and supportive personality shines through in all her posts.

This ultra-versatile, wearable camera has truly revolutionized how athletes capture their most impressive feats by allowing the lens to travel with them into the ocean, down the slopes, and on the trails. On days when watching a Netflix marathon sounds better than training for one, turn to this page for instant workout mojo from the world’s top skiiers, surfers, and more.

Not enough fellow fitness fanatics in your Instagram feed? The Burn This community includes thousands of like-minded gym-goers who truly enjoy sharing post-run selfies and encouraging quotes with each other. Every day the account posts a positive, motivating message from members of the online community.

A dancer, acrobat, yogi, and fitness model, Chelsey Korus posts daily videos that show off her amazing acrobatic feats and cool yoga poses. You can’t help but get energized by her positive attitude, impressive strength, and the sunny spots she’s always shooting in.

Running tends to be a solitary sport. That’s why this account is a perfect addition to any runner’s feed: It collects photos from people around the world sharing scenes from finish lines and daily runs. Whether you’re training for your first 5K or your fifth marathon, you’ll stay motivated and feel like you’re part of something bigger—even on that grueling, solo 10-miler.

This super-fit duo, Kasia and Jennifer, met in college on the track and field team, and now the besties are sharing their incredible coordinated fitness feats with the world. The certified personal trainers even caught the eye of Michelle Obama and frequently make guest appearances on the First Lady’s page in support of her #GimmeFive fitness campaign.

Torn between the board and the mat? Now you don’t have to choose. Soaking up the sunlit photographs featured on this page almost feels like a mini-vacation in itself, and these shots of fit folks surfing, practicing yoga, or doing a combination of the two will certainly make you want to book a ticket to a tropical paradise, stat.

Featuring insanely gorgeous photos of runners in sun-dappled settings, this account is proof that running can be so much more than a workout. As if the beautiful images aren’t enough reason to follow, the company behind the page, Race With Reason, is a nonprofit organization that raises and donates money to charities based on miles run by its Instagram followers.

With a focus on improving the way you eat, move, and live, the MindBodyGreen account captures cool yoga poses, healthy meals, and encouraging quotes like the one above. Follow this calming and peaceful page, and you’ll be inspired to move more, stress less, and maybe even meditate on those crazy-busy days.

This super-fit mom, 29-time marathoner, and creator of the #irunthisbody campaign fits in 11 miles before breakfast on the reg. Follow her for a few days, and you’ll probably feel a lot more compelled to squeeze in that 3-miler before your a.m. meetings too. Plus, the running coach regularly reposts fun race photos tagged with #iranitfortheinsta (didn’t we all?), another hashtag she popularized.

For Pro Tips and Advice

Jessi Kneeland is a strength coach and fitness blogger who’s on a mission to “save women from negative body image.” On her down-to-earth account, she shares pics of her strong physique, impressive PRs in the weight room, and positive thoughts that will help you appreciate your own body’s abilities, no matter your fitness level. Her posts are always well written, totally relatable, and guaranteed to make you giggle.

Jay Cardiello is a celebrity trainer who’s responsible for rapper 50 Cent’s strong bod, and he’s not too bad himself! Here, Cardiello provides daily “Fit Tips” that will help you feel fitter and healthier through small tweaks that don’t feel like work. (Who knew that brushing with strawberries can help whiten teeth?!)

Follow the leading running publication for expert tips from top coaches, easy home workouts, and daily quotes that will make you want to lace up your sneakers and hit the road (or even the treadmill). And with quotes like the one above, this inspirational page may help you become a stronger, faster, and happier runner than ever before.

You know when you read a quote that’s exactly what you needed to hear that day? That’s practically guaranteed to happen when you follow this account. Suzanne Heyn, a former journalist who became a mindfulness writer and yoga teacher, inspires her followers to let go of the past, create the life they want, and fully live in the present.

Named one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness, Kathryn Budig—a yogi, writer, and Under Armour athlete—posts frequent shots of cool poses and adorable dogs. Plus, her page does double-duty: When she’s not on the mat, she’s whipping up healthy and delicious recipes that she shares on her feed and her food blog. Win-win.

This self-proclaimed “glute guy,” strength coach, and personal trainer has a reputation of being the leading expert on “building a better butt.” And Bret Contreras’s account is full of quick videos of clients demo-ing proper form for squats, bridges, deadlifts, and more. Click here next time you need a form check or just a little extra oomph to get through your next set of squats.

L.A.-based yoga instructor Dylan Werner’s breathtaking photos and videos will encourage you to take off your shoes and strike a poseno matter where you are. With plenty of helpful pointers to accompany his beautiful (and seriously impressive) asanas, following this account may provide exactly what you need to finally nail side crow.

No matter how busy you are, we all have 30 seconds to spare, right? That’s all you need to transform your body, according to Adam Rosante, personal trainer and author of The 30-Second Body. His account features insanely simple moves, helpful tips, and motivating mottos, all with his super friendly vibe. (Don’t be deceived—he’ll make you work!)

For Home Workouts

So you’re at the gym, staring at the weight rack, and you don’t have a clue what workout to do. (Don’t worry, we’ve been there.) All you need to do is turn to this page run by certified trainer and Nike+ NYC coach Will Arrufat, who posts WODs and motivational mantras every single day. It’s like having a personal trainer—without the price.

Certified trainer Natalie Jill posts daily videos of simple exercise routines anyone can do that don’t involve any equipment. (Sorry—there goes your excuse that you don’t belong to a gym!) Her friendly tone and inspirational posts will keep you coming back for more.

With A-list clients like Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, and Kelly Rowland, Jeanette Jenkins knows how to get results. The buff trainer frequently posts “No Excuse, No Equipment” strength andcardio workouts as well as plenty of simple nutrition tips to help you stay on track and feel like your own celebrity (because you are one).

A former track and field athlete turned personal trainer and online coach, Idalis Velazquez posts quick and easy home workouts (most are bodyweight-only) that anyone has time to do. The mom of two also snaps pics of her go-to snacks, healthy meals, and plenty of positive quotes and sayings.